Integrative Medicine to me means the blending of both medicines.
In 2010, I changed the name of the practice to Breakthrough Medicine Integrative Longevity Center. Not all Naturopathic Doctors practice both medicines. Being a family practice doctor it is essential.

In 2008, I lost everything literally because contamination, massive septic flood at my practice. Dr. Patel of Cardiac Care heard what happened who I shared patients. In an incredible act of Care, he took me in and let me practice in his credible complex which also housed Simon Med Imaging for a year. It was a great opportunity to learn. Always look for your silverling!

20 plus years ago after graduating from Naturopathic Medical School, we had to go back to school if we wanted to prescribe medication and sit for DEA privileges. We had to do another 120 hours of pharmacology and then sit for AZ state pharmacology boards. Looking back, it probably saved lives and my patients tens of thousands of dollars because I could write for medications. They did not need to see another provider or traditional treatments.

Today we are dealing with COVID (Bio-weapon warfare virus). This is a good exam of Integrative Medicine. I am so grateful to be able to write for not just supplements but also be able to provide patients with FLCCC protocol which includes medications like Ivermectin, steroids, antibiotics, and other adjunctive meds. I think my patients are grateful too that I can write for medications. Bless the doctors at FLCCC