At Breakthrough Medicine Integrative & Longevity Center, we are proud to offer the following services: 



AllergyEasy® is a unique, all-inclusive sublingual (under the tongue) immunotherapy program providing patients with a no “shot” solution allergy treatment. During treatment, a specific formula containing microscopic doses of your allergen is taken under the tongue and introduced to your immune system in a controlled setting. Over time, the body starts to adjust and recognize this substance as non-harmful and does not produce an allergic reaction. The dose is gradually increased building up your body’s tolerance to the allergen. For some patients, AllergyEasy® can entirely remove their allergy, while others have their reaction symptoms greatly reduced. 


Women’s Wellness Program

We offer a natural approach to women’s wellness with affordable comprehensive physical exams that include breast and gynecologic examinations. Dr. Sina provides treatment for several conditions such as irregular periods, vaginal infection, painful menstruation, premenstrual syndrome, menopausal symptoms, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, and more. We also offer customized bio-identical hormone replacement therapy or offer treatment for hormonal issues using homeopathic and herbal therapies. 


Men’s Health Program

By the age of thirty, men begin to produce less testosterone which can lead to a condition known as Andropause. Andropause is a medical term used to describe the hormonal imbalances brought on by age, lifestyle, environmental burden, rise in estrogen levels and drop in testosterone. Patients may experience erectile dysfunction, back injuries, reduced muscle mass, cardiac weakness, memory problems, depression, fatigue, weight fluctuations, lowered self-confidence, and mood swings as a result of hormonal imbalance.  Our program is designed to comprehensively evaluate the body as a whole including the prostate gland, heart health, and hormone status with both a physical exam and laboratory testing. Your treatment will be entirely customized based on your specific results and health goals. 


Toxin Cleanse 

The world is filled with harmful toxins as there are tens of thousands of chemicals and heavy metals that plague our environment and influence our wellbeing. Detoxifying your body begins with lifestyle work before advancing into a more deep medical detox conducted by Dr. Sina and her health team either in-office or virtually. In order to detox safely, we focus on cleansing and restoring proper function to the body’s natural elimination routes such as the colon and kidneys. This is accomplished by changes in diet, hydrotherapy, homeopathy, herbs, vitamins, supplements, and amino acid introduction to the body. A toxicity chemical screening will be provided so that we can accurately and effectively treat your needs. For some individuals, additional testing may be needed such as genetic testing, urinary organ acid test, gut microbiome assessments, or nutritional testing. 


Hypothyroidism and Adrenal Fatigue 

Fatigue is a common symptom seen in a doctor’s office and there can be so many factors contributing to your fatigue that a diagnosis could take a while. Dr. Sina knows that there are five major biological factors that may be the cause of your fatigue: adrenal insufficiency, thyroid insufficiency, mitochondrial insufficiency, chronic infections, and toxicity within the body. During our consultation, we will discuss family and personal history, medical history, conduct a physical exam and include any necessary laboratory testing so that we can best treat your condition. Our program targets key hormones, utilizes detoxification, and strengthening nutrient pathways to help increase patient core energy. 


Cognitive Health

Optimizing brain function can be extremely important as you age, but that doesn’t mean if you aren’t over the age of thirty that you should put off testing. Cognitive and brain health is crucial regardless of age. Dr. Sina begins our cognitive health program with a discussion on patient medical and personal history before a full examination. This examination will include searching for signs of infection, disease, inflammation, toxicity, atrophy (low hormone or nutritional levels), gut health, stress levels, and more. These factors can include your cognitive and neurological health which controls your ability to think clearly, learn, remember, conduct motor functions, utilize your senses, and respond emotionally. After the examination, our team will customize a plan based on your personal needs and goals targeting areas of weakness and restoring proper brain function. 


Additional Services Offered:

  • Weight Loss Treatment
  • B12 shots and special MIC or “Fat Burning” shots
  • Energy Medicine: Bach Flower, Homeopathy, and Cell Salts
  • Heart Math
  • Detox Programs


We Offer the Following Types of Visits: 

  • Annual Wellness Examinations
  • Allergy Treatments
  • Comprehensive Visits
  • Hormonal Testing
  • LIfestyle Visits
  • Medical Marijuana 
  • Men’s Health Exam
  • Pediatric Consultations: Allergy, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and General Wellness
  • Women’s Health Exam