Allergy Easy is a unique, all-inclusive sublingual (under the tongue) immunotherapy program, making it the no shot solution to allergy treatment. A special formula containing a microscopic amount of the allergens is taken under the tongue and introduced to your immune system. Over time the body starts to recognize this substance as not harmful and does not flood the body with a chemical–i.e. allergic–reaction. The dose is gradually increased on the program, thus retraining the immune system not to react. Some patients can actually be cured of their allergies using the Allergy Easy program.

Female Health Program

We offer a natural approach to women’s wellness. We offer an affordable physical exam which includes breast and gynecologic checkups. Dr. Sina treats conditions such as irregular period, vaginal infection, painful menstruation, premenstrual syndrome, menopausal symptoms, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, and other issues. We also specialize in offering custom compounded bio-identical hormone replacement, or can work with hormonal issues strictly using nutrient  homeopathic and herbal therapies.


Male Health Program

By the age of thirty, men begin to dramatically have less testosterone production.  Andropause — Because of life style and environmental burden, estrogen levels can rise, leading to hormonal imbalances. Circulatory problems as well as low hormones may cause erectile dysfunction, back injuries, cardiac weakness, memory problems, depression, and fatigue. Our program is designed to evaluate the prostate gland, heart health, and hormone status using both physical exam and laboratory testing. We then customize a program based on your specific health goals.

Cleanse with the Doc

The world is toxic. There are tens of thousands of chemicals and heavy metals now plaguing our environment. Cleansing begins with lifestyle work, then advancing more deeply into medical detox which is done with Dr. Sina and her health coach in office or virtually. In order to detox safely we focus on opening up routes of elimination (colon, kidney,…) before dumping toxins. This is done through diet, hydrotherapy, homeopathy, herbs, vitamins, amino acids… Heavy metals and chemical screening is available through our office. For some individuals specialty testing such as genetic, urinary organic acids, gut microbiome assessment and nutritional testing.

Thyroid and Adrenal Balancing

Fatigue is a common symptom seen in a doctor’s office. There are 5 major reasons for fatigue: adrenal insufficiency, thyroid insufficiency, mitochondrial insufficiency, chronic infection, and toxicity. We approach this issue by taking a look at your personal and family history, physical exam, and laboratory blood testing. Our program targets key hormones, detoxification, and nutrient pathways to help increase core energy.


Brain and Cognitive Health

Optimizing brain function begins with history and assessing memory, infection, inflammation, toxicity, atrophy (low hormone/nutrition), gut health, stress, and traumatic injury. A customized plan is developed based on personal goals to target areas of weakness and restore and improve brain function.