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Welcome To Breakthrough Medicine Integrative & Longevity Center

General Medicine in Cottonwood, AZ

About Breakthrough Medicine Integrative & Longevity Center

Welcome to Breakthrough Medicine Integrative & Longevity Center. Our mission is to provide quality care to our patients and help them feel better quickly by treating a variety of conditions. Our highly trained team is proud to serve you and our community. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

Types of Services Offered


Weight Loss and Healthy Aging Treatment

  • B12 shots and special MIC or “Fat Burning” shots
  • NAD+ injection
  • Peptides: AOD 9604 and CJC /Ipamorelin
  • LDN
  • Bio-identical Hormone Therapy

Supportive Care

  • Peptides: BPC-157, Thymasin Alpha, LL-37
  • Nebulized Therapies: NAC, Glutathione, Saline Perxoxide/ Iodine,
  • Ozone: rectal & vaginal
  • LDN
  • IV nutrition and Chelation

Specialty Assessment

  • Functional Medicine & Hormonal Testing
  • Brain Mapping
  • Heart Math

Types of Visits

  • Telemedicine
  • Bioweapon Risk Assessment and Illness Management (COVID)
  • Annual Wellness Examinations
  • Allergy Consult and Treatments
  • Comprehensive Visits
  • Lifestyle Visits
  • Medical Marijuana
  • Men’s Health Exam
  • Women’s Health Exam
  • Pediatric Consultations: Allergy, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and General Wellness
  • Neurobiofeedback

Dr. Sina completed post doctorate training in the field of Environmental Medicine with an emphasis in chemical and metal detoxification.

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